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No monthly fees

10-year digital profile with no monthly fees, no need to download an app, just free, real-time upgrades fur-ever!

Easy setup

Set up your Pawsport in minutes by scanning and activating the QR code

QR code identification

Anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code to view your pet’s Pawsport

Data security

Two-factor authentication, visible data options and notifications for data security

Real-time notifications

When someone finds and scans your pet’s tag, you’ll be notified via email or text, including your pet’s GPS location


Engrave your pet’s name on the back of your tag

How fetch'd works


Set up Pawsport

Scan your unique QR code and follow the on-screen prompts to set up and publish your pet’s Pawsport.


Attach to your pet

Engrave your pet’s name (if you so please), attach the smart pet tag to your pet’s collar and give them a pat now that you have peace of mind. (The pat is absolutely necessary).


Reunite with your pet

 If your pet wanders off, anyone can easily scan the tag to access your details and provide your pet’s GPS location to return them home. You can also easily share the Pawsport details to get the word out!

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