Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use, effective smart pet identification and location service that helps reunite lost or injured pets to owners and vets. 

A community

Fetch’d is a community-focused product that focuses on reuniting lost pets with their owners. While vets have the tools to identify a pet by its microchip, this isn’t always the easiest and most accessible way for everyone. 


The Fetch’d tag was designed to host your pet’s digital ‘Pawsport’ and make it seamless for those who find your pet to return them to you. 


By becoming a Fetch’d user, you’ll gain access to our lost pets page, where you will be notified when there are lost pets in your area. You can also share your pet’s Pawsport on any social media platform if they go missing. After marking your pet as missing, every Fetch’d user in a 10km radius will receive a notification. Throughout our lives, we become very familiar with pets on our streets. It takes a village to raise a child, but a community to find your pet! 


 Our service directory will also provide you with access to a variety of quality pet services – from grooming to obedience schools – in your area.

Giving back

At Fetch’d, we’re doing our best to make the world a more paws-itive place. To do this, we’re donating 5% of profits from each purchased Fetch’d tag to help animals in need.    To help us support communities in need, hoomans are given the option to choose from three local rescue groups and charities at the checkout.  Our charity partners are: