Nope! The cost of the tag is all you’ll have to pay. There are no hidden fees, no optional paid upgrades and no subscription charges for the lifetime of your product.

Nope! The QR code on your Fetch’d tag is engraved, meaning you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries or taking the tag on and off to charge. Once you’ve attached the Fetch’d tag to your pet’s collar; there’s no reason for it to come off again!

Your Fetch’d tag has a passive tracking solution meaning every time your pet is scanned, you will be notified. A GPS location will be sent and comes from the smartphone that scans the QR code. Fetch’d is a passive GPS tracker. There is no battery in our product, so no GPS signal is given out. We truly believe that a community has a better chance of reuniting pets with their owners, as GPS trackers can be discarded or tampered with and present various functionality issues and, most importantly, provide health risks to your pet who is wearing it around their neck 24/7.

Your QR code can be scanned by opening the camera on your smartphone and pointing it at the QR code. There are also plenty of free apps available that can scan QR codes. 

The Fetch’d tags come in one 25mm size.

Yes – our tags are everything-proof! We’ve tested our product on a variety of furry friends to ensure they withstand water, mud, dirt, and much, much more.

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